I'm Not Here

Simplify your morning office routine!

Many organizations require their staff to set a voice mail greeting on their office desk phone every day. Policies for voice mail message usually dictate that the message must include your name, the current date and options to leave a message or zero out to an operator.

The process of creating these daily voice mail messages is tiresome. It is prone to errors (such as mumbling and mistaking the current date) that cause one to rerecord the message, sometimes many times in one day. Often the final message is barely comprehensible.

Use your Android device and I'm Not here to automate this process. You may never need to speak another voice mail message again!

I'm Not Here makes the process easy. Instead speaking a greeting into a desk phone, set up the greeting on an Android phone (or tablet). Simply hold the Android device up to the desk phone and let I'm Not Here do the talking!

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Just 24 Hours

When all you need is to know what time it is, only the actual time matters.

There are many wonderful clock applications available for Android devices. Many have have lots of great features. Choice in applications is a good thing.

When one wishes to choose a simple clock application that just displays the time of day in as large numbers as can fit on the screen's device, Just 24 Hours is here!


Just 24 Hours will display the time of day in 24 hour format in a big numbers as will fit on the screen. For those that were corrective lenses, it can be challenging to read small numbers when just waking up. Big numbers are required. No matter what size screen your Android device has, Just 24 Hours will use as big a text size that will fit on the screen.

That is all. No alarm settings. No typeface settings. No colour settings.

Just a big clock to see what time of day it is.

Of course, this is not what everyone wants in a clock application. This is okay. There are dozens of clock applications available on Google Play. Most (maybe all!) are great applications. We are certain that there will be one that will satisfy one's desired features. For those that just want the time, Just 24 Hours is here!

Just 24 Hours running on a tablet Just 24 Hours running on a phone Just 24 Hours Logo
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